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The ultimate fun boating activities

Boating is an activity that allows us to be outdoors, doing fun things, enjoying nature (forest bathing anyone?) and staying fit! There is no better time to be a boat owner, so here is our top 10 list of ultimate fun boating activities.

You don’t need to have a lot of gear to enjoy the fishing. We like to catch but throwing in a line or two and hoping to get a “fish on” can take up hours in a day. There are lots of fishing videos and resources to learn what the best lures, bait and rods are for the type of fish in your geographic location. So go on and take a dab at catching the big one! It is important to know the fishing regulations and have the correct fishing licenses.

Catch a crab or two
fisherman and crabThere is nothing as good as fresh crab on the BBQ or just plain steamed. Crabbing is quite simple. Get a decent trap, drop it with some good bait, go have fun for a few hours and come back to pull up the haul. Remember that there are always size regulations and all females have to be released. Go melt the butter! Check out this great blog by on how to cook a crab. 

If you are daring slap on the water ski’s or the wakeboard and go for a thrill ride. Not quite so adventurous? Then wake surfing is great for those who don’t want the speed. Make sure you have a true inboard boat when you are wake surfing and the proper equipment for safety. For the younger set, tubing is always an exhilarating activity. Make sure when participating in any water sports activities all people are wearing life jackets and there is a spotter in the boat.

Strap a kayak to the boat, find a hidden cove, drop anchor and explore the shoreline. Canada has an incredible amount of coast line and lakes, that no matter where you live there will be miles and miles of coast to explore.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Boating can sometimes feel like you are just sitting around, so if you need to burn off some energy drop the stand up paddle board in the water and get your heart rate up. The great news if you get to hot, go for a dip!

Although we don’t always equate Canadian waters with snorkeling, there are many places to put on the mask and go for a leisurely stroll around some rocks or reefs. Check out some of the best lakes in Canada. According to Hi Canada, The Best Snorkeling Spots in Canada are hidden gems around Canada to explore: snorkel with seals in Quebec, with whales and dolphins along the Cabot Trail, and explore shipwrecks in the great lakes. Canadian waters are not the tropics and can be dangerous, so know before you go! It is important to acclimatize for the water temperatures and gear up appropriately.

Off the grid camping
With camping so popular in Canada this summer, it is hard to book a camping spot. But if you have a boat, you can go boat-camping where there are no crowds. Find that hidden bay, drop the anchor and pitch your tent. Nothing is as fantastic as the great wide outdoors. Remember to be responsible and leave no footprint behind.

Dockside dinner
Boating allows for flexibility even if you don’t want to leave the dock. Take a picnic basket and a few cold brews and head to your dockside restaurant – your boat that is! You can enjoy being outdoors, on the water and be socially distanced with your bubble of friends and family.

Create a scavenger hunt
This can be a fun way to teach kids about boat safety and marine life. Create a bingo style card with 9 different items that your children need to find along the day of boating. It could include obvious things like life jackets, bailers and anchors. But it can also be fun and interesting so throw in a few items that might be harder to detect along the way such as a seal, starfish, eel grass, a double kayak or anything else that might be unique to the area that you go boating.

Learn how to tie at least 5 knots
Rope and knot management is key for boat safety. Spend the time with everyone on board to learn and perfect the practice: The top five knots are:
Cleat Hitch.
Clove Hitch.
Figure Eight

But if you want to be a real pro, take the time to hitch a palomar knot. It is one of the strongest knots you can tie.

Boating is one of the best activities of all times, if you have not thought about boating, check out the resources on and learn how you can get going on this great activity. Afterall, Canada is home to the highest number of lakes of any country.

Resources for ultimate fun boating activities:

Discover Boating:  First time boat owners: how to get started.

Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC:  Quick start guide to fishing

How to wakesurf:  Beginner wakesurfing tips

Sea Grant Oregon:  Catching, Cleaning and Cooking Bay Crab


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