At Safe Harbour Insurance we recommend that you obtain a Condition and Valuation Survey – commonly known as a marine survey – before you purchase a used boat.

The survey is conducted by a certified marine surveyor to verify the condition of the pleasure craft. It will also assess the current value of the boat. The report provides detailed information about:

  • The state of the vessel and its various parts
  • Recommendations for repairs and maintenance that may be required immediately
  • Recommendations for future maintenance and repairs
  • Current market valuation of the vessel

The importance of a marine survey for boat owners

Just like a home inspection before you buy, getting a professional marine survey on a used boat is paramount:

  1. It could save your life. The open water can be treacherous, even more so with a defective boat.
  2. It’ll help determine a fair price.
  3. It identifies up and coming repairs and maintenance projects.
  4. An Out-of-Water survey may be required in order to obtain a marine insurance policy.
  5. A survey can be beneficial when obtaining financing.

Your surveyor will inspect the structure of boat thoroughly. They’ll use tools including hammers or moisture meters to look for elevated moisture levels, and potential rot. They will also check the following systems:

  • Steering and controls,
  • Plumbing and fittings,
  • Electrical systems,
  • Propane and fuel systems,
  • Deck hardware,
  • Safety equipment.
  • And many other details you may miss when you do a walk around.

The importance of sea-trials

One of the most critical aspects to a marine survey is to conduct a sea-trial. This is key to a comprehensive survey. It is a small price to pay, as it could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in costly hidden repairs. A survey won’t guarantee your boat is perfect, but it will give an expert analysis and realistic assessment on the condition of the boat.

Hire a certified marine surveyor

Make sure you hire someone qualified and professional. When hiring a surveyor, consider one that holds any of the following designations: