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Holiday Gift Ideas for Boaters

Gift ideas for boaters – This is the ultimate gift-giving guide for boaters! The holiday season is slowing rolling into view. In Canada, boating is not typically on our mind after August, but during Covid – we have seen an increase in boating activities and it looks like this will not be slowing down in 2021. With new and used boat inventory in short supply this summer, think about buying your boat during the winter. In person boat shows are likely to be cancelled but there is an abundance for great gifts for the boater in your family.

There is no end to what you can give an avid boater. But we have come up with a list that we think will be a hit with anyone.

Waterproof dry bags

Boating and watersports all have one thing in common – how to keep your gear dry and safe. Now there are more options with various types and sizes of dry bags. Some are designed so they can be completely submerged in water. You can take your phone fishing, paddleboarding and on shore excursions without a drop of water soaking your device. Many are utilitarian – after all you are not trying to impress a fish – but you can find stylish fanny packs, backpacks, coolers and dry-bags big enough for an overnight kayak trip to a paddle up resort.

Yeti is known for coolers but has a functional clutch that is perfect for those short trips or a poolside romp. Dakine has a pricey but worth the peace of mind cyclone hip bag. Perfect for day trips on the boat, fishing or doing shore excursions on the tender kayak or paddle board. Get from point A to point B without a drop of moisture. Heading down the river on a tube, want to take a picnic on the jet ski, going fishing for a few hours? The Icemule Classic Mini is a floating dry bag and can keep ice cold and whole for up to 24 hours. Heck, this bag is good for any hot summer day activity!

Waterproof ACR C personal distress light

One thing every boater needs is a small but mighty personal distress light. The ARC C lightis a handy tool to have on board. This compact light easily clicks on to clothes or bags when heading out on the dinghy or tender. More importantly, this rugged, floatable easy twist on activated personal distress light operates for about 30 continuous hours. The C-Light has been approved by USCD/SOLAS. This is an ideal light for boating and all outdoor activities. Check out this great guide to Emergency Positioning Radio Indicating Beacons (EPIRB).

Deck out your wrist and take control of your vessel

This ingenious invention turns your wrist into a central control station. The Garmin quatix 6® is build with a blend of function and style for the serious mariner and techie. This wearable technology lets the captain control the boat anywhere within range.  This watch can be preloaded with apps for boating, fishing, workouts, charts and more. When set to smartwatch mode this baby can make it through a two- week sailing adventure on a single charge. Features include auto-pilot, way point marking, satellite navigation, onboard audio system control, and data streaming. View data — including water depth, engine RPM, wind, custom data and more — directly on your wrist when you connect your quatix 6® to your boat’s compatible devices.

Is there such a thing as perfect timing?

We could recommend a ton of boat books, but really boating is a time to do something that you never have time to do. We found a book that isn’t about boating, but can affect how you make decisions while boating! Every captain knows that timing is everything. Split second decisions can save a boat from disaster. But how important is perfect timing?  The first pages of “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing”, is a captivating account of the last few hours and the decisions of Captain William Thomas Turner before the luxury liner the  Lusitania sunk in 1915. This book is about cognitive ability and that modern science shows that scheduling and careful timing of our daily routines is crucial to our wellbeing. So it is the perfect time to head to Chapters and order up a book in time for he holidays.

Solar powered and wireless wind instrument

There is no reason with the SailTimer to ever miss the best winds for sailing. SailTimer Wind Instrument RB™  is a perfect addition to any boat but specifically great for sailboats. This wireless and solar powered wind instrument has a transmission range of 85 metres (285 ft), comes with all the mounting hardware and can be raised on a halyard without lowering or climbing the mast. Works with many apps and can be connected to a chart plotter using Air Link. This newly designed instrument reads wind direction while docked or swinging on anchor and calibration of the bow of boat is not required. For off season, simply unplug the replaceable battery. Perfect gift for the sail boat captain.

Earth-friendly cleaning

Most boaters are very aware of their footprint on nature. But it is not always easy to be eco-focused when living on a boat. We have a few earth-friendly products that help reduce your footprint on the lakes and oceans. You can introduce these perfect holiday gifts for boaters in your family or circle of friends.

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Galley and head options: Norwex is a company improving the quality of life by taking the chemicals out of cleaning. The best sellers are towels and clothes that have anti-bac technology that allows you to clean with virtually no chemicals. From kitchen, bath, kids and pets these products also wash with less soap and dry quickly. And overall, they are less bulky than most so they take up less storage in tight boat spaces. They work through a network of home-based salespeople, so find someone in your neighbourhood and help support a small business while saving the planet! How good is that?

Reduce plastics: there are so many companies now that are providing alternatives to plastic. Most are perfect for small spaces on boats. Check out the following or find a maker in your hood and keep the Canadian spirit in Canada: Gogobags and Abeego are two terrific options.

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