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Claim your calm with three fantastic boating destinations in BC

Another summer is coming up, and 2021 may be similar to our first pandemic summer of 2020.  But we have three fantastic boating destinations in BC to explore. Take your bubble and get on the water. Hopefully, we will be able to claim our calm, and explore beautiful BC by boat.

Into our second summer where international travel is limited we can continue to appreciate what we have in our own backyard. Boats were in short supply in 2020 but many manufactures are ramping up production for what is going to prove to be another busy boating season in Canada.  Historically, people from all around the world have flocked to Canada to enjoy and marvel at our beautiful country. It is now our turn to explore our country in brand spanking new ways – check out our New Boats & Cool Toys for boating season. We may only be able to explore our home provinces but here are some ideal destinations BC that you can explore by boat, while keeping safe and following provincial health rules. Stay close to your home marina for now, and put these three fantastic boating destinations in your BC bucket list.

Clayoquot Sound

This wonderful and isolated part of Canada is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It is bordered by the Esowista Peninsula to the south, and the Hesquiaht Peninsula to the North. It is a body of water with many inlets and islands. And the best thing is that this area of the world is both gorgeous, full of wildlife, fishing and STARS. Yes, you can see the most amazing night skies in this area that is very low light pollution.  When they are ready to open their inlets to visitors, put Tofino on your list and head out to explore the Clayoquot Sound. If you are a novice boater, hire a local guide and get 110% out of a day trip around the various islands.

Princess Louisa Inlet

The second of the three fantastic boating destinations in BC is one where there is no road in or out of this breathtaking inlet. To explore the Fjord you can only get there by one way and that is by boat.

Wind your way through the remote areas of Jervis Inlet, pass through the narrow Malibu Rapids channel into Princess Louisa Inlet. Steep granite walls carved the steep fjords, rushing waterfalls cascade down the terrain, large landscapes, native pictographs are just a few of the delights of this boating trip.  This magnificent gorge rises sharply from the water’s edge to heights in excess of 2100 metres (7000 ft).  Not to be missed is the beautiful Chatterbox Falls at the head of the Inlet as it rumbles 40 metres (120 feet) to hit the waters below. And if you want to go ashore the Provincial park offers hours of interesting exploration. It has been called the “most beautiful anchorage in the world”.  Traditionally named swiwelát, Princess Louisa Inlet has a charm and scenic beauty that must be seen and experienced.

Pendrell Sound

This is truly the place to get away from it all.  Everyone knows Desolation Sound, but right next door – about 28.5 km north – is Pendrell Sound. Mark Johnson, one of our Commercial Brokers over at Reliance Insurance; and an avid boater tells us, “This is the warmest water north of Mexico. It is like swimming in a perfectly drawn bath!”  Pendrell Sound is located on the  South Coast of British Columbia, accessed from Waddington Channel which separates West Redonda and East Redonda Islands in the Discovery Islands region.

Mark tells us anchoring can be a bit tricky because of the steep drop-offs and deep depths, but there are many areas such as Roscoe Bay Provincial Park to make a land stop and hike to Black Lake.  There is no need to visit fish markets as there is an abundance of fish, oysters, and shellfish. This trip will make you happy as a clam!

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