Boat Show / December 29, 2022

BOAT SHOWS: Top 7 Tips on to get the most out of your visit

Boat shows are one of the first places that allow you to see the newest models on the market. The latest and most innovative products, from eye-catching boats to handy new boating accessories, will be featured at individual exhibitor booths. Boat shows are all different, and let’s be honest, that’s what makes them so awesome! We have put together a few things you may expect from a boat exhibition.

Tip #1: Wear good walking shoes

One thing about a boat exhibition is that you will be walking for miles. Often, boat exhibitions have both indoor and outdoor locations. However, keep in mind that if you want to tour new boats, you must remove your shoes. So try to wear something that is easy to get on and off.

Tip #2: Be prepared to get the most out of a boat show

Even the smallest of these events can be overwhelming. Plan your visit in advance, or multiple visits if necessary. Are you in the market for a new boat, the latest gadgets, to attend some education seminars, or to learn all about boating? Review the show floor plan and the schedule.

Tip #3: Plan the days of the week

Many boat exhibitions last longer than one weekend. If you are adverse to crowds, plan to go during the week; early mornings are less busy.

Tip #4: Take a small backpack

You’ll need a small backpack that is big enough to hold everything you need, such as all the promotional swag, and maybe a water bottle and some snacks.  Having a small backpack allows you to be hands-free, easy to carry, and navigate through busy crowds. 

Tip #5: Take advantage of the discounts on boat purchases

A boat exhibition is the perfect place to pick up your dream boat. Know which boat is right for your lifestyle and budget. Many suppliers offer show deals. But in order to get the best deal, do your homework in advance. Make sure you are clear on your budget and include things like taxes, delivery, and proper pleasure craft insurance.

Tip #6: Put Safe Harbour Insurance on your speed dial. 

If you decide to sail away with a cruiser, fishing boat, sailboat, pontoon, or yacht, a certified Safe Harbour Insurance broker can give you an insurance quote over the phone for any boat you are looking to buy. Often people think home insurance will cover a boat asset, but that is not the best way to insure a pleasure craft. Read more on why to buy boat insurance.

Tip #7: Have fun and interact

Owning a boat can be life-changing and exhilarating. It is truly a lifestyle choice. Have fun at the boat show and take time to interact with vendors and exhibitors. The boating community is very friendly, and most people are happy to share tips, tricks, and wisdom. It’s “a-boat time” so get your deck shoes and head on out to a boat exhibition near you. Here is a handy list of some popular upcoming boat shows:

Canadian Boat Shows

Jan 26-29,2023 Mid Canada Boat Show
Feb 23–26, 2023 Ottawa Boat Show
Mar 3-5, 2023 BC Sportsmen’s Show

Photos used courtesy of Toronto International Boat Show and Mid Canada Boat Show. 


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