Boat Insurance / April 29, 2020

Safe Harbour introduces best in class sport fishing and watersports packages!

Safe Harbour Insurance is hitting the high seas at the start of the 2020 boating season. Introducing two brand new product endorsements for standard Pacific Marine boat policies. Fishermen can rejoice and have a free value-add Fisherman’s Trophy added to a PMU boat insurance policy*; and water sport enthusiasts also have the opportunity to add extra coverage for any tow-sport equipment*.

Benefits of PMU Fisherman’s Trophy & Ride the Wave Packages

  • Exclusive to Pacific Marine pleasure craft insurance policies
  • Higher limits coverage and NO deductibles on personal effects
  • Extended navigation zone now down to the 35th degree North on Fisherman’s Trophy package
  • Exclusive new insurance coverage designed for the water sport enthusiasts with higher limits of coverage equipment such as wakeboards, skis, bindings, etc
  • Premium pay financing available on PMU standard boat insurance  policies

sport fishing insuranceFree Value Added Insurance Packages for Sport Fishing Boats

$10,000 Fishing Equipment and Supplies

  • To protect your rods, reels, jigs, rigs, hard/soft baits, tackles, electronics, tools, lines, attractants, nets, waders, leaders, hooks, on board storage supplies, lures and fishing gear.

$2,000 Loss of use expenses

  • For renting a temporary vessel, charter vessel with guide and temporary accommodation expenses at specific sub limits.

$2,000 Reimbursement of emergency expenses 

  • For commercial towing, labor costs and running out of fuel.

  $1 ,000 Search and rescue expenses

  • To protect against persons lost at sea

 Ride the Wave Water Sport Packages for Ski & WakeboardsRide the Wave Watersport insurance

Available for all water tow sports. Insure your valuable equipment before boating season starts.

$5,000 Boat towed water sport equipment and supplies – increase to $10,000 for $50 additional premium

  • For boards, skis, ropes, bindings, handles, helmets, gear and accessories.

$1,000 Loss of use expenses

  • For renting a temporary substitute vessel or temporary accommodation expenses at specific sublimits.

$1,000 Reimbursement of emergency expenses

  • For commercial towing, labour costs and running out of fuel.

If you are looking for extra coverage for your fishing gear or watersport equipment call your Harbour Insurance agent for a comprehensive quote. Easy to connect, easy to purchase!

Online Quote Application or call us toll free at 1.877.731.1224

*Not available on Express Boat Insurance products.


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