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Get Extended Coverage for Sailing the Southern Seas

Canadians are now free to set sail and head South, all the while knowing that their boat insurance will follow. After all, what’s the use of a policy that remains in the North and refuses to travel with you? So go ahead — pull anchor.

For boaters who travel to and stay in southern waters.

Our coverage:

  • 8 Zones stretching from the Atlantic Eastern Seaboard all the way to Southern Caribbean Sea
  • Competitive Premium
  • Offers up to $2M in Protection & Indemnity Liability
  • Foreign Registration Accepted (Must be Canadian Owner)

Southern Navigation Coverage

An Extended Southern Navigation policy with Harbour Insurance provides the following coverage:

  • Your current Pleasurecraft policy indicates the Individual "Restrictions on the use of the vessel" or the Extended Navigation Limit - the restrictions can be extended to cover one or more of the following navigation limits (subject to additional insurance premiums).

The following applies to all extended navigation limits:

Excluding loss or damage caused by or resulting from a named windstorm unless you can evidence you are in compliance with the following requirements for the period June 1st to November 30th of the policy year in question:

  • You have a hurricane plan showing a named yard where vessel kept.
  • Named yard has agreed to carry out your hurricane plan.
  • Hurricane plan includes haul out of vessel & securing to in-ground anchors, or storage of the insured vessel within a designated hurricane resistant storage building.
  • Hurricane plan includes removal of all sails & canvass if vessel stored outside.


Where coverage provided for loss or damage caused by or resulting from a named Windstorm, a deductible of 10% of the Insured Value applies to all partial, actual total or constructive total losses. This deductible reduces to 5% if your hurricane plan has been executed. Named windstorms are those named by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

*During Hurricane season from June 1 – November 30*

Requirements for Southern Navigation Coverage:

  • Must have experience over 5 years.
  • Experience navigating southern waters previously.
  • Provide information on size and types of vessels operated previously.
  • Provide an ESN Application and Boat Experience Resume using the forms provided. Look for the forms in our Support section.

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