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Fisherman’s Trophy

An exclusive boat insurance package geared for those who are fishing enthusiasts! Call Safe Harbour for the best boat and fishing gear coverage in Ontario and British Columbia.


Best in class fishing boat coverage – higher limit values to protect your gear!

Why insure with Safe Harbour?

  • An exclusive boat insurance package geared for fishing enthusiasts!
  • Best in class fishing boat coverage – higher limits to protect your gear!
  • Agreed value
  • Guaranteed replacement cost for 5 years to a maximum 110% of the value of the vessel from the year the vessel was built
  • No survey requirements on vessels under 30’
  • No deductible in the event of a covered loss of fishing equipment
  • Replacement cost settlement on covered losses of fishing equipment
  • Navigational territory to 35 degrees North Latitude
  • No lay-up restrictions
  • Flexible payment options


Comprehensive coverage

  • $2M Protection & Indemnity included
  • $5,000 Personal effects
  • $5,000 Medical payments
  • $2,000 Emergency expenses
  • $2,000 Loss of use
  • $1,000 Search & rescue
  • $1,000 Fire department expenses
  • $50,000 Personal accident extension


  • $10,000 Fishing equipment including rods, reels, jigs, rigs, hard/soft baits, tackles, electronics, tools, lines, attractants, nets, waders, leaders, on board storage supplies and more.

Insurance Coverage Specifics

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